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Lee Middleton Joyful Heart Reborn Doll Kit

Joyful Heart Reborn Doll Parts

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The Joyful Heart Reborn Kit was designed by sculptor Reva Schick. It includes the lovely Joyful Heart face and ¼ hands and feet. If you use the included body skin the finished doll will be 21″ long. You will need to purchase 22 mm. eyes because eyes are not included in the kit. The head, arms, and legs are made of “Baby Touch™” extra soft vinyl, in a neutral light flesh tone. Also included is a detailed, jointed fabric body skin in a matching color with cable ties already inserted. All parts are unpainted and ready to reborn. Heat set paints can be used on the vinyl. Remember even though this doll kit is not labeled as a Black Doll kit it can still be used to create a Reborn Black Baby Doll.

Lee Middleton Joyful Heart Reborn Kit

Reborn Black Baby Dolls

Today while I was looking for life like Black Baby Dolls I learned that most Caucasian Reborn Doll Kits
can be reborn as African American. As I learn more about reborn dolls I am just amazed at how much they resemble real babies. Some Reborn Dolls are so life like that they weigh about the same as a real baby. One of the things that really attracts me to life like reborn dolls are that they are not massed produced in some factory. So now I am on a mission to find the different places online to purchase Reborn Black Baby Dolls.